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Indie alternative | Post-rock

The Netherlands







Upcoming releases

The Letter | single  | March 8 2024

Nothing Ever Falls Apart | single  | March 22 2024

A Spell To Keep | single | April 5 2024

A Spell To Keep | EP | April 19 2024


Milk | Debut album | 2021


Spit | 2024

A Strange Loss (Alternate version) | 2023

Spirit Box | 2021

Alabaster | 2020

A Strange Loss | ft. Kiki Mettler | 2020

Squid Machine | 2020

The Burner | 2019 #

We Skinned a Ghost (For Pleasure) | 2019

Haunted Man | 2019

Cannibal Days | 2019

Doris | 2019

Rattlesnakes | 2018

Rivals | 2018

# Selected entry for the 'Creative Talent 2019' series

Commissioned by The Province of Noord-Brabant, Omroep Brabant, 

Stichting Nieuwe Helden & Erfgoed Brabant


"Powerful, evocative and haunting pieces of work."

It's All Indie (UK)

"A unique and haunting type of gloomy rock."

The Other Side Reviews (GER)

"SPIRITBOX broods in hanging and other-worldly lyrics,

beaten to a pulp with crushing and meaningful guitar twisted rock."

ComeHereFloyd Music Blog (USA)


"You NEED to hear this band!"

MusoMuso (UK)

“'Milk' is one of those full-lengths you want to spin over and over again

Some of their twists and turns go beyond comprehension.

Marvelous debut material: don’t miss out on this gem."

ThoughtsWordsAction Music Blog (SRB)


“The dark lyrical style of the album really helps portray

'Milk' as a powerful unique album (...)

You should definitely listen to this incredible, haunting album.” 

IndieX Music (UK)

"I would definitely recommend you go

and give these guys a listen.”

John's Music Hub (UK)

"The captivating 'Doris' visual is a fitting companion

to the mellow and guitar driven song."

Dopecausewesaid (USA)


"Listening to ‘A Strange Loss’ is like being immersed in a piece

of performance art, or a brooding play (...)

Both vocals are remarkable and make for a beautiful blend

when they do join together for parallel moments of reflection."

Indie Top 39 (UK)

"Sombre, bleak, sophisticated, elegant, lush and cinematic."

Tinnitist (CAN)

"Brooding, melancholic, dreamy, mournful guitar melodies."

Turtle Tempo Music Blog (UK)

"We are truly impressed with their talent."

LAmusiccritic / Indie Voice Blog (USA)

"'Doris' gave me chills. A truly superior track."

Off The Record Blog (UK)

"SPIRITBOX is one of those acts with the gift of creating

incredibly emotional tracks that seem to be destined

to become part of a movie soundtrack"

YMX MusicBlog (UK)


"Their music style is very impressive and distinctive."

Yellow & Black (USA)

"SPIRITBOX creates a simply stunning sound."

FVMusicBlog (UK)

"(...)The sounds are raw, yet elegantly wrought with stalking bass lines,

acoustic strains, sustaining lead lines snaking around an evocative lead

vocal telling stories like a carnival provocateur (...)"

American Pancake (USA)

"Met een flinke spanningsboog, een ronkende partij gitaren

en dreigende drumritmes wordt er in 'We Skinned a Ghost'

opgebouwd naar een furieus einde."

NeverMindTheHype (NL)

"SPIRITBOX kruipt diep onder je huid."

3voor12/Breda (NL)

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